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Double ended queue (deque) in C

A double-ended queue, pronounced deque in short is a LIFO queue where entries can be pushed and popped at both the ends of the queue, apart from push and pop an additional peek method is also discussed which fetches the value at either ends without removing it. In this article, one such queue is implemented using the C language.

Using API in Python is a light weight website made by Alexander Kojevnikov , used to format source code from various programming languages into formatted HTML snippets which can be added to blogs, articles, and other web pages as needed. I personally use the API to format the source code snippets in this blog, and it has greatly reduced the time taken to complete an article, much thanks to the creator. In this article, an automated way of using the API through Python and a simple HTML document is created with formatted code snippets.

BMI Calculator using Python and Tkinter

Body Mass Index can be calculated using a simple formula kg/m 2 , where the weight is represented in kilograms (kg) and the height is represented in metres (m). The article presents code to create a simple GUI to calculate BMI based on user input values. The GUI is implemented using tkinter and tkinter.ttk libraries in Python language.